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Whether you’re an independent small business or a subsidiary of a larger company, you need a clear view of all aspects of your business to stay competitive. You must streamline processes and find better ways to access the information that will result in the best business decisions.

SAP Business One is an affordable, small business management software that connects and streamlines all your business processes to help you gain greater insight into your business and make decisions based on real-time information.  It provides worldwide coverage, with 43 local country versions in 27 languages, so you won’t outgrow your software solution as you expand your operations overseas.

At H&CO, we offer SAP Business One as a software-as-a-service subscription. Providing a flexible alternative to deploying costly traditional, on-premise infrastructure and perpetual licenses. For a simple subscription fee that covers software, service, and support, you can access the full functionality of SAP Business One, hosted by AWS.

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