IRS Tax Audit

Support and representation when you need it most

If the IRS has flagged you for an audit, you might be wondering why you are being audited and are not sure what to expect. At H&CO, our team of tax accountants specializes in all forms of tax problem resolution with an emphasis on IRS audit representation. We have helped many taxpayers get through an IRS audit with minimal financial consequences. And if you do end up owing some back taxes, we can find ways to reduce tax penalties and arrange for an affordable payment plan like an installment agreement.


Have you received an Audit Notice?

If you have received and IRS audit notice, it is essential to secure representation from a tax professional; even if you feel confident that you have paid your taxes accurately and are not at fault. We can help you throughout the process to answer questions and we will make sure you get fair representation and the best possible outcome at your audit.

By working with our experienced tax professionals, you can be sure that we will work out a fair solution and resolve any tax problems in a quick and beneficial way. Contact us to request an initial consultation.