Family Office


Pave the way for future generations

Independence, integrity and honesty are the foundation of our Company. We place professional responsibility above personal gain and always act independently. You can be certain that our advisors will protect and professionally manage the wealth you have accumulated through years of hard work. Let our advisors make the most of your wealth with their experience in:

  • Single Family Offices
  • Multi-Client Family Offices
  • Ultra High Net-worth Clients

Our family will help your family maintain your lifestyle from generation by helping you with:

  • Formation and staffing of family offices
  • Choosing the right family office structure (e.g. single family or multi-family)
  • Technology application and implementation
  • Integration of data aggregation and reporting system
  • Developing internal controls, policies and procedures
  • Establishing wealth preservation, philanthropic and family legacy goals
  • Lifestyle planning (e.g., boat ownership, aircraft ownership, private collection)
  • Managing complex tax compliance engagements
  • Structuring of real estate investments
  • Developing short and long term budgets
  • Charitable and insurance planning
  • Due diligence and business valuations
  • Wealth transfer planning and compliance
  • Investment accounting
  • Bill payment services
  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • Entity management and compliance
  • Monitor family business activities
  • Concierge services for the family
  • Preparation of financial statements and consolidated reports (personal and corporate)
  • Income tax planning and compliance for corporations and family members