Underestimating the Role Candidates Have on Your Business

Often the relationship between recruiters and candidates is more important than both parties realize. These candidates not only have the potential to become employees, but whether they do or don’t get hired, they become spokespeople, sharing their experiences with others.

Candidates are a type of target audience for businesses. There are touchpoints, which either enhance or diminish the candidate’s opinion of the company. At this point, they can either recommend or bash the company via word-of-mouth, reviews, etc. Each of them has a network full of past or current employers, colleagues and coworkers, which can be influenced.

Therefore, it is important to have a positive presence online and offline, as candidates can come from either direction and multiple sources. By having a good and consistent reputation, more individuals will be attracted to the company.

The ideal is to attract those who will remain with the company long term, providing customer lifetime value that is high. Only this can maintain a company is good standing and generate profit in more ways than one. If you have any questions on how candidates can impact your business's reputation, contact us