Leadership and Recruiting

What do leadership and recruiting have in common? Most folks would say, “Not much,” but that is not the case. Individuals make up the true essence of the company. Recruiters hire candidates and by doing so, place themselves in a leadership role.

Yet, hiring is just as important for recruiters, as it is for managers and individuals in the C-suite positions and so on.


All employees affect the present and future of a company. For example, hiring a candidate who has an excellent resume/CV, but poor consideration for his team, will decrease the overall quality and quantity of work produced by the team. The environment has been negatively influenced by this person, giving uplines and coworkers more difficulty and stress than is necessary.

The problem needs to be triaged, during the interview process.

What does it take to become a leader, while hiring?

Confidence-By knowing the “in’s and out’s” of a business, company leaders can confidently filter through the list of candidates and find those who are best suited for the positions.

Integrity-Be honest with candidates. Help them make well informed and good decisions, as this relationship should be mutually beneficial. Always leave candidates with a good impression of the company, whether they are hired or not.

Vision-Seeing the “here and now” is vital, but so is forecasting for the future. Take into consideration, the present and future needs of the company, while hiring.

Critical Thinking-When looking at a candidate’s resume, especially during the interview, determine where that individual, with those set of skills, will be most useful.

Decisive Action- If a candidate is a perfect fit, decide immediately to interview or hire them, depending on which state of the recruiting process is taking place. This person may be hired by another company, if too much time has passed.

Communication-Be clear in all forms of communication. Candidates want to feel heard, but also want to gain further insight into how the company operates.

Inspire and Empower-Create an optimistic work environment. Every touch point between the company and its employees (current and potential) should inspire action. This creates a cohesive team spirit.

Overall, every current employee has the potential to be a leader. Therefore, apply these tips and hire excellent candidates to grow the company in a thoughtful and impactful way. If you need help hiring candidates or would like to learn more about staffing services, contact us