H&CO Entity Management provides Global Document Retrieval and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) services in over 120 countries. With our network, we can provide you with local registry documents on a global level all via our web-based Entity Portal.

How does document retrieval benefit you as our client?

Whether your business is expanding, in the middle of a merger/acquisition deal, auditing, internal and external (such as Banks) compliance reporting this requires a due diligence process. As we have been listening closely to you as a client now we can assist with retrieving official documents – such as:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent)
  • Certification of incorporation (or its equivalent)
  • Bring Down Certificate
  • UCC Records (such as State and Federal Tax Liens, County Lawsuit and Judgement Search)
  • Real Property Documents (such as Deeds, Lien Records, Mortgages, Assignments)
  • Authentication/legalization/apostille

Why is this important?

Staying compliant in the jurisdiction you operate is a status that all our clients, inclusive ourselves, aim to maintain.

Failing to comply with governmental authorities, banks, trade organizations, and many others can result in the business operations difficulties, such as complications in securing capital financing, tax liens, and even loss of company name.

How does H&CO reduce this compliance risk?

As local laws and regulations are constantly changing - the best way to maintain good status is to monitor your entities. Aside from the document retrieval and UCC services our Entity Management division can provide you with peace of mind by having a trusted advisor supporting and managing all your companies. Based on our experience, ideally, this check of local documents should be done on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis (the frequency usually depends on the country compliance calendar year or corporate event). This will also safeguard you from any urgent and or time-sensitive document requests.

Here at H&CO with our document retrieval and UCC services, you will be able to stay in compliance and manage all your corporate documents at any time and from anywhere.

If you have any questions about our different services, please contact Leila Said.