Integrated Corporate Services

Our entity management solutions can provide you with the peace of mind of having a trusted advisor supporting and managing all your companies. Whether you need director services or a registered office we can manage every aspect of your business, keeping you in compliance with all regulatory agencies and facilitating your corporate governance.

Our entity management services include:

For all of your entity needs, you will be assigned a corporate administrator who will manage all of your required entity obligations. Our experienced professionals can provide full outsourced management of a wide range of corporate structures, including Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Wholly Own Subsidiaries, Joint Stock, Joint Ventures and Holding Companies among others.

In certain cases, we can act as your Corporate Director to act on behalf of your company and facilitate the operations of new and established entities. Director services are provided to protect the identity of the company owners, ensuring discretion and anonymity in order to prevent intrusion by competition, press harassment and in many cases security breaches and kidnapping.

Most jurisdictions require that a business entity that is formed or doing business within their borders, designate and maintain a Registered Agent responsible for accepting service of process for an entity. The Registered Agent needs to provide a legal address within the jurisdiction and have a representative of the company available during business hours.

Through our alliances with international statutory compliance companies and veteran corporate lawyers we can serve as your registered agent in the U.S. and internationally across the globe. If preferred, you can also use your Attorney as your registered agent in conjunction with our corporate services.

In most jurisdictions a business entity is required to register an official address to form part of the public records of the company. As part of our entity management services, we can provide a physical office address in many jurisdictions so you can be in compliance and have a place to receive official correspondence and formal notices from governmental entities, investor banks, shareholders and the general public. Your dedicated company administrator will receive, sort and deliver your correspondence electronically on a timely manner.