Global reach, greater insights

At H&CO we are committed to help our clients get access to global resources wherever they need them. With this philosophy in mind, we became members of BLITA International, an international association of independent tax advisory firms specialized in all areas of taxation, accounting, and business consultancy services.

Membership in BLITA International is by invitation only and therefore, only those firms and advisors that have the best professionals and high prestige in their home country are selected. The association’s hand-picked qualified members have the knowledge and expertise of big firms, combined with the personalized services and cost-effectiveness that only independent local firms can provide.

As an independent firm associated with BLITA International, H&CO can connect you with highly knowledgeable and dedicated tax professionals around the world, so you can benefit from:

  • Local experts with an international reach
  • Dedicated staff specialized in your industry
  • A wealth of expertise in tax and business development matters
  • The same quality level, professionalism and personalized services across international borders
  • An international network of professional service firms ready to help you wherever you want to go